The School bus is available for students from Preschool to Class XII.
A bus identity card will be issued to all students using the school bus.
This card must be carried to the school daily and made available for checking at the request of the bus conductor / school authorities.

Bus fee has to be paid for eleven months in a year. No Charges will be levied for the month of June. 
First Aid Box, Fire Extinguisher and teacher in-charge are made available in all the buses for the safety of children.

Precautions and Safety Measures: -

  • Students must reach the bus stop at least a few minutes before the time scheduled for the arrival of the school bus.
  • Students should always stay away from the main road while waiting for the school bus. Always use zebra crossings while crossing roads.
  • Students should not board or alight from the bus until the bus has come to a complete halt.
  • Please board the bus in proper queue.
  • Students should remain seated and not move around when the bus is in motion.
  • Students should not lean out of the window or stick their limbs out.
  • Older students should look after the younger ones by offering them their seats.
  • The front door is the only authorised entrance and exit and only the conductor is authorised to open the door.
  • Each bus has a teacher in-charge for that route.

Bus Rules :-

  • Do not put your head or hand out of the window.
  • Do not speak to the driver while he is driving.
  • Do not push or rush for the door to board or de-board the bus.
  • Wait for the bus to completely stop before getting down at your stop.
  • Always give seat to the small/younger children.
  • Do not fight in the moving bus.
  • If you have to cross the road after getting off the bus, allow the bus to move off before crossing the road. Always use zebra crossings while crossing the road.