Student Council

Discipline is the most important part in overall progress. Strict discipline is required in matters of rules and conduct. This can only be done with the full support and cooperation of the students. 
The school Council is an important part of the school. It consists of all the student leaders of Class, House and the School.

The school Council is entrusted with the following:
Academic affairs 
Games and sports 
Co-curricular activities 
Campus discipline 
Student welfare and 
Canteen etc.

The idea behind the concept is to inculcate a sense of responsibility and leadership qualities in them. These selected members of student's council check overall discipline of the school, contribute in school functions and extend a helping hand during interschool competitions. Above all they learn to work in a team.
The members are selected from class XI. An Investiture Ceremony is organised and they are given badges by the Chairperson of the school and the Chief Guest. At the end of the session they are honoured with appreciation certificates for the work which they do sincerely throughout the session.