“The aim of education is not to prepare a man to succeed in life and society but to increase his perfectibility to its utmost”

The Mother 
Sri Aurobindo Ashram

The present era is known as a global era. Students no longer limit themselves to gain knowledge from their teachers or books only. All of us can cross the boundaries within seconds to interact with other persons throughout the world. The school website is a powerful way to interact with parents, students, and the world at large.

I proudly welcome you to Shiksha Bharati Global School, Dwarka. We are here to create a robust foundation for the children of today and tomorrow and prepare them to face ever-growing challenges in life with zest and positivity. As the Principal of the school, I am committed and equally excited to achieve it beyond the satisfaction of parents and students. Our school has seen many infrastructural changes and we are moving towards a better tomorrow. This better tomorrow not only means material comfort but space where each one of us feels safe, respected, loved, and worthy beings. Each one of us is consciously making an effort in this direction. These millions of tiny tasks done well will pave the way for progress.

I again welcome you to be part of the exciting journey of positivity, assurance, and contentment.