Talk Smart Program

In order to enhance English-speaking skills in our children, the school has collaborated with the multiple award-winning organization, LEAD Innovation Private Limited. They are experts in the field of language acquisition and have worked with many schools in India.

We are implementing LEAD Innovation’s highly successful TALK SMART PROGRAM for speaking and listening skills. The activities in the Program will provide ample opportunities to our students to think, speak, listen and interact in English. The following are the benefits that the students will reap from the program:

  • Improved pronunciation and intonation
  • Enhanced vocabulary
  • Improved grammar
  • Better interaction skills
  • Learning to do presentations- planning and organization
  • Effective delivery of content
  • Being able to present their own opinion about a range of topics
  • To speak confidently in front of an audience

Apart from language learning the students will also learn:

  • To work in groups
  • To develop their general knowledge
  • Leadership qualities

The Talk Smart workbooks will be used by the students while performing the activities in the classrooms. The workbooks also contain interesting activities to be done at home.

As part of this program, the teachers of the school would undergo training on advanced strategies and methodologies of English teaching. They would be trained by language and pedagogy experts.